Artist bio

My name is Raymond E. Gaustadnes and I’m mainly a digital artist, game developer and writer, born in 1977 and currently living in Norway, Europe.

I’m self taught in all fields, the interest in art and fantasy/SciFi universes came at a very young age, inspiring me to learn to draw and paint and create my own fictional universes for use with roleplaying games.

My main tools of trade are a wacom intuos 4 tablet and and arsenal of 2D and 3D softwares. I mainly use 2D softwares such as Photoshop for painting purposes, and 3D softwares for sketching purposes.

Lately I’ve started learning 3D sculpting tools, for the purpose of developing game characters, items and more for game projects but also for printing purposes of characters and items based on my own fantasy settings.

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